Communities existed long before crypto. People have been pooling assets and expertise to share risk and co-invest since at least the Age of Exploration. It’s a model that has built relationships and fortunes over the centuries.

Coven, an incubated project within ConsenSys Mesh, was built to find a better way…

The Ownership Economy begins when NFTs tokenize their rights, gain a (decentralized) identity of their own, and start to act, just a little, fungible.

By Mike Kriak, Managing Operating Partner, ConsenSys Mesh

What a sight!

Herds of NFT unicorns, fresh off their mainstream media highs, are crashing down the centralized value-sucking platforms that built the internet as we know it. Creators, artists, musicians are FINALLY getting the proper value they deserve. …

ConsenSys Mesh

ConsenSys Mesh a.k.a. Mesh is an accelerator, incubator, investor, and innovator of blockchain technology solutions since 2015.

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