Coven: A Retrospective

What Coven set out to do

Dave and John, the Coven founding team, lived through the ICO boom of 2017 and witnessed the downsides of crowdfunding, rife with flawed incentives, like free rider problems and instant liquidity, that disincentivized thorough research and thoughtful capital allocation.

What went right

It is important to celebrate everything that went right with this experiment.

What could have been better

It is also equally important to acknowledge that not all was perfect.

Where do we go from here

Dave and John have joined ConsenSys Software to scale up MetaMask and the broader developer platform. They are making it easier for more and more people to access web3, and are active participants in several DAOs. Greg has joined Set Protocol to continue to contribute to the decentralization of asset management. Mark started a platform called Myco to help people build member-owned communities.

Coven, in photos:

ETH SF 2018
Berlin 2018, a week before launch
Prague DevCon 2018 Launch Party
Coven gathering, Brooklyn 2019



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