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Written by Ali Smith, Portfolio Manager, Consensys Mesh


Despark is a user research platform for Web3 companies. Co-founders Amar Kher and Greg Eusden view better UX as the key hurdle in onboarding the next one billion users. Despark makes it easy for Web3 companies to get feedback from their target audiences. Companies define their audience by both demographics and on-chain activity and can quickly get feedback from them within Despark’s network of 7,000+ Web3 users. The platform combines traditional tech product research methods — including interviews, surveys, and product demos — with blockchain analytics to augment subjective feedback with objective data. Despark offers Web3 companies unprecedented insight not just into their users’ actions, but their thinking.


The team consists of co-founders Amar Kher and Greg Eusden. Amar has over a decade of experience scaling new products and GTM functions. His prior role was the Global Head of Advertising Business Operations at Uber, where he successfully launched Uber’s billion-dollar-plus advertising business. Greg is a full-stack engineer who specializes in integrating new technology with real-world business applications. Before co-founding Despark, he was Director of Product at SimpliSafe. He has over a decade of experience working with user research tooling.

Amar Kher and Greg Eusden

How does Despark work?

Despark uses three proven research methods to collect user insights:

  1. Surveys: Customizable questions allow for detailed feedback from large groups.
  2. Self-Guided Feedback: Users participate in unmoderated usability studies and feedback sessions, providing valuable input on specific features.
  3. Live Feedback: This method includes one-on-one interviews, marketing strategy testing, and product demos, offering in depth feedback through conversations with users.

Despark builds on these time-tested methods by incorporating Web3 tools and on-chain data into its approach. Audiences are filtered using their wallet characteristics and demographics. Once collected, customer feedback is then augmented by blockchain analytics.
This integration brings objective data and context into user research for the first time.

As blockchain technology gains broader adoption, we anticipate that user feedback that incorporates both on-chain and off-chain data will become increasingly valuable. Despark is at the forefront, working with Web3 leaders, like CoW, Runtime Verification, and API3 and developing the infrastructure to support this evolution.

What is an example use case?

With Despark, product managers, marketers, and builders developing Web3 products can collect user feedback across a wide range of use cases.

Examples include:

  • Developers tested a new UX in a sandbox environment through Despark, observing users’ real-time interactions to make informed changes before official launch.
  • A gaming company used Despark to test a new game level. Despark verified players’ wallets, ensuring that only qualified users could participate in the test. This approach guaranteed that feedback came exclusively from the target audience, allowing the company to refine the game level based on precise user interactions before officially releasing the new level.
  • A product design lead for a Web3 wallet is updating the transaction flow and uses Despark to A/B test their designs with key users.


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