The Veramo Project Donated to the Decentralized Identity Foundation

Strengthening the Decentralized Identity Ecosystem

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2 min readOct 9, 2023

Today we announced the donation of the Veramo project to the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), a Linux Foundation non-profit organization dedicated to advancing decentralized identity solutions.This donation underscores the commitment of Consensys Mesh and DIF to foster innovation, collaboration, and interoperability within the decentralized identity space.

Veramo, developed by VeramoLabs, a Mesh R&D team, is a modular framework for decentralized identity and verifiable data. It has garnered recognition for its capacity to facilitate secure and user-centric identity solutions. By bringing Veramo into the DIF ecosystem, the project will benefit from DIF’s diverse community of experts, ensuring its continued growth and development.

“Veramo was always intended to be a community-led project and this donation will serve to prove Consensys Mesh’s commitment to decentralization, not just through the implementation of decentralized technologies but by building with a decentralized engineering process” says Nick Reynolds, VeramoLabs team lead.

“We are thrilled to welcome Veramo into the DIF family” says Decentralized Identity Foundation Executive Director, Clare Nelson. “This donation represents a significant milestone in our mission to advance decentralized identity standards and technologies. We believe that Veramo’s capabilities will complement our existing projects and further accelerate the adoption of decentralized identity solutions worldwide.”

The key benefits of this collaboration include:

  1. Accelerated Innovation: Veramo will benefit from DIF’s extensive network of experts and contributors, accelerating its development and enhancing its feature set.
  2. Interoperability: DIF’s focus on standards and interoperability aligns perfectly with Veramo’s mission to create a seamless and universally compatible decentralized identity framework.
  3. Community Growth: This donation expands the DIF community, enabling more individuals and organizations to engage in collaborative efforts to advance decentralized identity technologies.
  4. User-Centric Solutions: Veramo’s user-centric design philosophy aligns with DIF’s commitment to putting individuals in control of their digital identities, ensuring privacy and security.

Consensys Mesh Founder and Chairman Joseph Lubin shared his enthusiasm about the donation, saying, “Consensys Mesh is committed to promoting open-source initiatives that empower individuals and organizations to take control of their digital identities. We believe that DIF is the perfect home for Veramo, where it can flourish and continue to make meaningful contributions to the decentralized identity ecosystem.”

The Decentralized Identity Foundation and Consensys Mesh look forward to working closely together to ensure a smooth transition of Veramo into the DIF ecosystem. DIF welcomes developers, contributors, and organizations to participate in the ongoing development of Veramo.

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