Updates from the Meta-MESH: February.

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2 min readFeb 28, 2023

An ETH Denver spotlight.

With so many of you at ETH Denver this week, we wanted to dedicate this month’s updates to providing a list of some events to not miss. The MESH team will be heavily present, so don’t hesitate to respond to this email if you’d like to meet up.

MESH will be hosting two events this week. We’d love to see you there:

A Tachyon brunch happening on 03/02: come discuss the upcoming Tachyon cohort with alumni, mentors and the wider MESH team. All builders welcome!

An Applied R&D brunch happening on 03/03: come get to know our Applied R&D team and discuss all things ZK, decentralized identity, gaming, & more.

Both brunches will have food and drink (of course), and first come first serve MESH merch.

Here are a few noteworthy events from across the MESH ecosystem happening this week:


ZK Day Denver


Orange DAO BUIDLER Party

Building Better Web3 Applications Using Composable Data with Ceramic



Schelling Point


Orange DAO Poker tournament

StarkDenver 2023


MCsquared ETHDenver (DM for PW)

Other things to note:

Infura has quite the list of bounties — check them out here. The ConsenSys ecosystem has plenty prepared for the BUIDLERS among us, check out the #BUIDLHub for more.

We can’t wait to connect IRL this week.



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