Updates from the Meta-Mesh: October

Catch up on all the new from the portfolio

Portfolio updates:

Content Corner:

Upcoming events:

Devcon // 10/11/22–10/14/22 // Bogota, Colombia


  • Tachyon will be hosting the Tachyon Sigma House at ETH Bogotá & Devcon, which is an exclusive benefit for Sigma Pass holders. Find out more here.
  • Headed to Lisbon? Stay tuned for more from the Tachyon team.
  • If you’re looking to get more plugged in to the Tachyon ecosystem, the Tachyon Futurescope is a great place to start.

MESH Portfolio Careers:



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ConsenSys Mesh

ConsenSys Mesh a.k.a. MESH is an accelerator, incubator, investor, and innovator of blockchain technology solutions since 2015.