Updates from the Meta-Mesh: September

The MESH network comprises a portfolio of over 190 positions, 250+ founders, and a community of 5,000+ people. With a network of this size, there is always important news to share, so we decided to bring you a digestible monthly recap of our community updates. From portfolio company milestones to new job opportunities to the latest articles from the MESH team, you’ll find it all below…‍

Portfolio updates:

  • Mona launched their marketplace!
  • Gitcoin Grants Round 15 is live.
  • Consensys launches a new campaign to educate the community on The Merge.
  • Sobol partners with Collab.Land, Hats Protocol and Orange Protocol to help Metacartel with grants funding. Learn more here.
  • Sorare partners with the NBA and NBPA on a multi-year partnership to launch the first NFT-based fantasy basketball game. More here.
  • Gnosis Chain Documentation site is live.
  • Arjun Bhuptani, Founder of Connext, talked to The Interop Podcast. Give it a listen here.‍

Content Corner:

  • Check out portfolio company Gitcoin’s mention in Axios. The TL;DR: With $65 Million in funding to the industry, Gitcoin serves as a voice in the community as to what is prioritized within the crypto software developer community. Crypto advocacy is coming next with Gitcoin Grants 15th round of funding happening now.
  • Abigail Carlson from MESH was published in Decrypt, check out her article “It’s time to separate NFTs from digital art” here. The TL;DR: NFTs and digital art are not synonymous. NFTs are much broader; likening them does a disservice to the art itself and the ample forms and services an NFT can take on… more about these services can be found in the article.
  • We published an article on what to expect from the Merge — check it out here.
  • Thomas Rush from MESH wrote an article on Managing your Board of Directors — check it out on our blog.The TL;DR: know what is needed from the board of directors and what to look for prior to creation. Learn more about compensation, structure, and resources in the article.
  • If you’re looking to explain who MESH is, check out our ”What is ConsenSys MESH” article.‍

Upcoming Events:

  • Devcon // 10/11/22–10/14/22 // Bogota, Colombia

MESH Portfolio Careers:

R&D spotlight:

The MESH R&D team has been busy over the last month. Check out some of their updates here.

  • The Magmo team is building out a production-quality scalable payment channel solution for the Filecoin retrieval that enables full-lifecyle incentives for decentralized data storage.
  • The on-chain component is finished, and they’re aiming to deploy it as an earlier use of the upcoming Filecoin EVM (or FVM 🙂) testnet and demonstrate it end-to-end with their off-chain client go-nitro by the end of the year!
  • Their work will be presented and highlighted at FIL-Lisbon’s retrieval workshop in October right after Eth-Lisbon if you are in town!
  • The Veramo team is working on several recent engagements with protocols on their open source stack software.
  • Sphereon added their did:ion implementation and are preparing a Presentation Exchange(PEX)plugin as well
  • The team partnered with Spherity to build the next iteration of did:ethr (which will possibly be governed as a DAO)
  • The team made progress towards a Universal Registrar API implementation (with input from cheqd and DIF)
  • cheqd built their Veramo SDK for cheqd (see here)
  • Early explorations are underway of on-chain verification of credentials using EthereumEIP712Signature2021, based on a standard the Veramo team wrote in partnership with our Mesh alumni and friends at Spruce and Ceramic (originally 3Box) (see here)
  • Veramo held their first community call! (catch up on the recap) and join their Discord (which is growing 50%/month!) to get plugged into the exploding decentralized identity community!



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